3 Reasons Your First Car Should be a Used One

The second most people turned sixteen, they were probably online looking at all the luxury vehicles they dreamed of driving. Although the new cars seem to be more glamorous than the used, it’s probably not a good idea to get a new car as your first. Try to consider these reasons for buying a used car before you go out and buy a new one!

They’re Less Expensive

Used cars can be thousands of dollars less than their new counterparts. The best part? They could be very gently used and might as well be new! Sometimes cars are returned for dumb reasons and you get to reap the benefits. Even if the car is a little older, it’s a better investment. A car depreciates in value every year, less and less each year. So if you buy a used car and sell it in two years, you won’t lose as much as you would if you did the same with a new car.

They’re Practice

When you get your first car, you’re probably not the most experienced driver out there. In your first few years of driving, you are at a heightened risk for car accidents. So if you crash a used car, it’s not as big of a deal (although, it’s still bad!) website. If you crash a new expensive car, you’ll probably kick yourself a little more. So until you get the hang of the rules (and idiots) of the road, it’s definitely a better idea to drive a used car.

They’re Just As Practical

Let’s face it- even though new cars seem more appealing, the point of a car is to get you from point A to point B. In the grand scheme of things, the color, model, and year of your car are almost completely irrelevant. As long as the car drives without falling apart, it does what it’s supposed to do. And that’s all you really need.

So when shopping for your dream car, browse gallery of vehicles. It really is a better idea, especially if it’s your first car. Plus, when you finally do get a new car, it’ll be that much more exciting for you! Whatever you decide to go with, have fun with your new independence and be safe!