3 Tips for Taking Family Photos that are Memorable and Not Creepy

Awkward and creepy family portraits are all over the Internet, and they are hilarious! That is, until they happen to you. Getting a nice family portrait done can be a hit or miss experience, especially in this age of amateur photographers. There are a few tips to getting the family photos you want and will treasure forever.

Opt for an outdoor photo-shoot.

The environment of a photography studio can often contribute to the creepiness of the photos. Taking your family pictures outside will let everyone relax and the photographer will be able to capture some candid shots of every member of your family. Studio shots tend to feel posed and forced, and that shows through in the prints. If you have young children, it is especially advantageous to be outside in a familiar environment so they do not feel threatened.

Get to know your photographer.

First of all, your Photographer should always consult you about the style of family photos you would like, along with a talk about pricing and packages. Checking their social media and official website can give you a taste of the kind of photos they take, and should be free of any and all creepy family photos. Online reviews can also be helpful for comparing prices and the overall personality of the photographer. Since you are paying them for their time, you want someone who will work with you.

Choose a color scheme, but avoid matching.

Having a general color scheme or style to dress in is helpful for making the photos look cohesive and playing up the “family” aspect, but it can go overboard. Matching sweaters and customized shirts characterize the creepy family photo. Allowing every member of your family to show his or her own style and personality with their outfit while still looking dressy can help to make the photos seem natural, and the whole family will be happy with the outcome.

Traditional family portraits for holiday photos or to place on the mantle do not have to be creepy and awkward. You can make these photos memorable and fun by keeping these three tips in mind. What is important is that your family looks natural and comfortable in the photos!