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Safety Tips in Acquiring an Off-road Vehicle Off-road vehicles use for leisure is called all-terrain vehicles or ATVs. Older kids and teens are still able to ride them even without a driver’s license in some countries. But with the adventures, it is not possible to encounter some major safety risks. Driving these vehicles on high speeds may cause it to be dangerous and not so easy to operate. Misfortunes like engaging in a disaster while riding on these vehicles are often encountered and these were usually deadly. In approximately three decades of research, authorities state that a great number of individuals were killed while on driving these vehicles and some of them were children younger than 16. Wounds from driving these vehicles are also usual. Based on a study, between 2001 and 2011, most cases of ATV-connected emergency-room visits were kids younger than 16 years old. Kids who are 16 years old or younger are been advised by an academy not to ride or drive on ATVs. If the kid follows the safety precaution and understand on how to use the vehicle, well parents may authorize their children to ride and drive the ATV. One way to ensure that the children will be safe and free from harm or death is to avoid them from riding the ATVs. This vehicle are motorized vehicles that are manufactured and meant to be used in any off-road or on dirt roads, but not on pavement roads or in highways are called the ATVs. ATVs have usually big four balloon style tires, with a single seat in the middle that the rider straddles while steering using a handlebars. In 1988 manufacturers stop developing or building this three-wheeler ATVs due to its stability and safety, but today there are still few that exists. It only weighs more than 800 pounds, ATVs have huge, powerful engines that allow them to reach speeds up to 50mph or more. ATVs has a high center of gravity and no safety bars, safety cages or seatbelts, meaning they can actually tip easily, throw riders and passengers away, or even roll over on top of them. If an accident will happen, usually the head receives the impact and can cause to serious head injury or even can cause death. Some common injuries are cuts, scrapes, broken bones, and broken arms and legs.
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There are no age limits in driving or riding an ATV according to any laws and regulations. Some countries needs ATV riders to be 16 years old and have a safety license. And in some countries as young as 10 years old can drive an ATV as long as it is accompanied by an adult and with a valid driver’s license.A Simple Plan For Investigating Sales