5 Projects You Can Use Electromagnetic Paint For

Electromagnetic, or electroluminescent paint, is a new and exciting technology on the market today. LitCoat is the name of the product developed by a group of scientists, and it can be an easy decoration to add to almost anything you could think of. Here are five of the coolest projects you can use this electro luminescent paint for.

Revamp Your BIKE

If you are known to ride your bike at night, this paramagnetic paint is the way to go. Make your bike look like a floating parallelogram to passersby and drivers you share the road with. In addition to making your bike about a hundred times cooler, it will also help you stay safer by lighting up your bike and allowing motorists to see exactly where you are. So try out the paint, and take some of the stress out of riding at night. And yes; you still have to wear a helmet.

Revamp Your CAR

This electroluminescent paint is also another easy way to make your car stand out after the sun goes down. If you take pride in the appearance of your automobile, why not give it a spicy edge that no one else has? Paint the edges of the running boards, or put some racing stripes across the top. Whatever you end up doing, one thing is for sure, the only thing you’ll have trouble with is deciding what to paint next! This paint isn’t limited to the exterior of your car, either. Try painting a design on your steering wheel, or the dashboard. It will be so easy to wow your passengers with a product like this.

Revamp Your SHOES

You wear your shoes every day, correct? Giving ratty, worn-out shoes a make over is the perfect way to use this paint. Glowing shoes were a trend that was popular in the early 2000’s, and one that withered too quickly. This is the easiest, most interesting way to add a cool new twist on any outfit. These are shoes that no one else you see is going to have, and everyone is going to covet. The brush is in your hand, and you hold the creative license. No two pieces of art are alike- not even your two shoes!


One thing that is commonly overlooked when people are looking to improve some of the things they own is their furniture. When walking into a home or apartment, the first thing people notice is the furniture you have. Make yours something to remember by giving it a colorful splash that few other household items in the world have. Now, who said La-z-boys can’t have character?

Revamp Your ARTWORK

Artwork can be boring and overdone, and occasionally, hanging it on your walls can seem like nothing more than a desperate cry for some semblance of originality. Finally, you can have your originality- with LitCoat. Add a little electroluminescence to that copy of the Mona Lisa in your living room or the office. Add a pop art feel to the sweeping scenery of the landscape painting over your mantle. The possibilities are endless with a dose of this paint and a little creativity.

The process of giving anything a paint job with LitCoat is a lengthy one- with five separate coats of paints to apply before it’s ready, how could it not be? But if one thing is for sure, it is worth the results you’ll get. If you have any questions, or want to get started revamping something you love, contact the guys at LitCoat, and they’ll get you on the right track! You are only limited by your imagination.