A Brief Look at the Current Gallery of Used cars in St. Louis’ Motor City

A car really needs to be dependable to compete in the marketplace. Motor City in St. Louis offers used vehicles of all different shapes and sizes, and above all stresses the virtues of dependability. Every ride is tested and reviewed before purchase to make sure it is a car that motor City is proud to sell for a fair price.

So what does the current gallery of used vehicles look like? It changes by the day, of course, with well over 1,000 cars available at any given time. But there are some obvious patterns with the inventory that one can expect when finding their next ride. Below is a quick run through of some cars that come through at least once a week.

  • Lexus: This high-class brand is popular over here. Between 2004 to 2009, the Lexus’ go for around $14,000 on the 2004 end and closer to $22,000 for newer models.
  • Ford Escape XLT: Ford has continued this sometimes forgotten solid car into 2012. The 2012 model is a perfect upper-scale ride with some serious space. It also boasts a very fair $16,000 price tag- and that is for a 2012!
  • Yaris: The Yaris is a critical darling, and has found a great niche audience similar to that of the Scion. Its slick curved design is very appealing, and its price tag is desirable. At $16,000, the 2012 Yaris can be taken right off the lot.
  • Kia Optima: There are only a select few cars that manage to capture the power of a sports car, the look of a sports car, and the price tag of an accessible casual ride. The 2011 Optima is moving for about $16,500, but it has a mighty exterior and some impressive power. For an entry level sports car, it is arguably one of the best out there.

Motor City picks up all sorts of high quality cars that fit that high standard. There is no desire to sell junk. These vehicles are excellent additions and highly dependable. Speak with a professional today to find the perfect match and explore some of the most affordable vehicles inSt. Louis.