A Guide To Lemon Law Attorneys Southern California

Whenever you’re buying a car, there are those that don’t seem to meet your standards. These are called lemons, and they are the bane of every car buyer’s money. To protect the people, lemon laws are in effect. For those who got stuck with a lemon, call lemon law attorneys southern California to get back at those who have wronged you. Upon qualification, it becomes a “no cost to consumer” lawsuit.

For example, you just bought a car that you thought was nice and had all that you ever need. But suddenly, the engine dies on you when it rained. You may have gotten it fixed, but it would die again the next time it rained. In Southern California, it only rains in winter, so it’s not so bad. But still, why own a car that breaks down during rain?

Also imagine that it happens to be a sports car. With the body close to the ground, its inner parts will get wet when you hit a puddle. That would make it break down then and there, regardless of rain. This means that you have been sold a lemon and have been scammed. You have tried everything you can to fix it like spraying coatings on the distributor wires to waterproof them, but to no avail. This calls for a lemon law attorney.

You know that you’re going to need one if you actually took this car to the dealership and had them work on it until it got fixed, but breaks down at the next possible chance. If this happens, then numbers have to be crunched or heads will roll. A lemon law attorney will help you with this by making sure that you get compensated for being sold a wreck.

Lemon laws apply to many products, but it has been mostly applied to motor vehicles. The California Lemon Law protects the consumer from the consequences of buying or leasing a defective automobile, making either dealership or manufacturer responsible for it. While the warranty still stands, the manufacturer is responsible for having the car in perfect working condition if ever it is taken in for either repair or replacement.

In California, the consumer is protected by a set of laws that are there to ensure the integrity of the trade and to thwart deception in transactions. With these laws, defective cars will have to be replaced and may even incur huge penalty fees for those who deliberately make fools out of their customers. They also ensure the enhancement of the driver and passengers’ basic safety by having the cars more carefully manufactured and monitored. This observance of consumer rights ensures that the customer always gets it right.

Take note that these lemon laws also apply to leased cars, as long as they are under warranty upon lease. The warranty itself should not be invalidated upon reaching 18,000 miles or 18 months if it indicates higher values. As long as they apply, then the lemon laws definitely apply. Also, by the first repair attempt within the warranty period, they do apply even after the warranty.

Upon hiring lemon law attorneys southern California, you can get a refund or complete repair for a purchased or leased secondhand vehicle in the same way as a brand new one if it was bought for non-commercial private use. These lemon laws can also apply to RV’s, motor homes, motorcycles, boats, and many others.