Are You Looking for a Reliable Shipper? Hire American Auto Transport

In today’s world, being aware of scams is important. The Internet is open to anyone with the skills to build a site, and there’s a high potential for untrustworthy sites stealing money from people. Nowhere is this truer than in the auto transport industry, where the Internet has helped brokers lower costs and grow their businesses. In this article, customers will learn how to tell a good auto transporter from a dishonest one.

Check the Website

Sham companies often hurriedly put up websites, and they do it as cheaply as possible. Poorly-designed sites with grammatical errors are a huge red flag. These sites often have few pages and little to no contact information. At the minimum, the site should have the company’s MC (motor carrier) number for easy viewing.

Look for a Real Phone Number

All auto transporters, including American Auto Transport, talk to clients on the phone. it’s the easiest and cheapest form of communication, and it allows for faster responses between customers, brokers and carriers. Scam websites and companies often don’t have telephone numbers, and the ones that do won’t connect to a live person. If a company is reluctant to give a customer licensing information or any other that’s readily available, the customer should choose another company.

Read the Reviews

Online reviews are an easy way to find scam transporters because the feedback on these sites is verified as coming from real customers. These sites allow companies to tell their side of the story, and sham companies often have numerous negative, undisputed reviews. Look for a company with positive reviews and prompt responses to complaints, as this shows the company keeps the lines of communication open.

Ask the BBB

It’s not mandatory for businesses to be part of the BBB, but a legitimate transporter will typically become a member of the Better Business Bureau. BBB records are a simple way to check the legitimacy of companies, and it can show how long a company has been in business—which is an important consideration in such a high-turnover industry.

There are other ways to spot a good shipping company amidst all the fakes that are on the Internet, but the methods listed above are the simplest way to spot the signs of a scam. If a customer thinks that a company isn’t who they say they are, they should seriously reconsider shipping with that company.