Assistance in Today’s Changing World

Kids continue to be a blessing, however countless families find it hard to deal with the challenges facing children these days. Fifty years in the past, mothers and fathers did not have to stress about television programs, video gaming or even the web and yet youngsters are now bombarded with these influences and more on a daily basis. Debi and Michael Pearl, founders of NGJ Ministries, know how tough rearing children may be nowadays and created this ministry to help mothers and fathers cope with these and other concerns. Bringing up a child continues essentially the most stressful and also most rewarding task anyone can undertake and then the fruits of this particular hard work are observed for many years into the future, whether positive or negative.

With the aid of No Greater Joy, moms and dads uncover great ways to raise their kids when confronted with constant complications. Bad habits will be broken with the assistance of sound judgment along with the Bible. Together with helping parents with child nurturing, this unique non-profit ministry assists christian families in several other ways, such as through their armed forces and prison ministries, their unique missions and much more. Regardless of what one is struggling with, whether it is kid parenting or perhaps daily life overall, No Greater Joy can be of aid. The Pearls brought up as well as homeschooled their five youngsters and then have shared the information that they learned with other people for several years and strive to accomplish this in order to reveal God’s word while assisting other individuals.