Audiobooks Can Make Life More Exciting

Sometimes, the toughest things to get done are the simplest to do. Tasks like sweeping, laundry, and weeding are rarely very complicated, but they can be so mind-numbing and repetitive that you have to expend a lot of mental energy just to persuade yourself to do them. You don’t have to struggle to do something that bores you, though. Instead, you can add something to it that makes things more interesting. Pick up a A Game of Thrones unabridged audiobook, and you’ll have entertainment that can carry you through hours of housework, or whatever else you do that could use a little distraction.

The Game of Thrones takes place in the fictional land of Westeros, as a complex cast of characters vies among themselves for power. It’s remarkable for the way that the author, George R. R. Martin, manages to maintain a large cast of characters who all have their own history and motivations. The book is the beginning of an immensely popular fantasy series, which is also the basis for an HBO television series of the same name. While it falls into the fantasy genre, it offers a remarkable amount of suspense because the author has proven to have absolutely no fear of killing off key characters to advance the plot.

Whether you’re just looking for a new story to enjoy or you’re already a fan, the audiobook has a lot to offer. It’s narrated by a professional British actor named Roy Dotrice who’s received acclaim for his work with the series. The first book alone provides almost 34 hours of entertainment, which means that a single purchase can give you something interesting to follow along with while you get a lot done on a variety of other things.

If you love stories, but you’ve never really loved sitting down and reading a lengthy book, this is a good way to experience the full depth and complexity of the world George R. R. Martin has constructed. Even if you love reading books, an audiobook offers a way of enjoying a little dose of literature while you scrub the floors, weed the garden, exercise, or do anything else that leaves your mind and ears idle while your eyes and hands are busy.