Changing the Face of Healthy Eating

For generations of Americans eating healthy has become a challenge. The food that people have learned to consume has been prepared for convenience with additives that preserve the food while also adding a lot of unnatural and questionably addictive qualities to the average meal. These preservatives do not just go into fast food meals and frozen dinners, either. Foods like breads, meats, and even fresh vegetables are processed in such a way to give them a longer shelf life. For a world in which millions go starving it makes good sense to cultivate processes that allow people to save food for longer periods of time.

A lot of these processes come at the cost of a healthier product, however. The reason that this has been going on for so long is, because providing natural and healthy alternatives in abundance has always been more expensive. This is a problem, because people are being charged more simply to live better. Eating healthy is not just about having a better quality of life in the present, it has tangible long-term benefits. As long as good quality food remains costly, it will remain impossible for many Americans to fully benefit from healthier food options.

What if it didn’t have to be so complicated, though? Hampton Creek thinks that eating healthy should be easy for everyone. Their mission has been to overcome the obstacles to healthy eating by creating foods that are delicious, good for people, and affordable. By using real foods they have set out to do more than make healthy food an option for everyone, though.

Companies like Hampton Creek recognize that eating healthy is often as much about taste as choice. That is why they produce foods that can fit seamlessly into any diet. The goal of making foods this way is to make it accessible for everyone. There is no better way to do that than to sell food that everyone loves.

Selling delicious, healthy options like cookie dough and mayonnaise are just the start of something much bigger for changing how people think about eating well. Keeping true to the mission of eating well has been a major factor in what has made Hampton Creek health foods endeavor the fastest growing food company in the world.