Combine The Adventure Of Travel And Sport With Golf Trips To Belek

Discovering your next holiday or vacation getaway can be as simple as looking at a map. You will want to find a spot on the globe where you can learn much about history and partake of customs that are quite different from your own. Once you are there, you’ll want to explore as much of the local area as you can. This will let you become part of another culture, if only for a few days or weeks at a time.

While you are away from home, you never want to leave your favorite sports and beloved past times far behind. When not out and about, it is always refreshing to be able to hit the links and play a round of golf. If you have chosen a locale that features good weather, the ability to go outdoors and play golf is something that is about as ideal a situation as you can plan for yourself.

This is exactly why travelers are increasingly looking into the prospect of golf trips to Belek, Turkey. Once a place that only true globe trotters could appreciate, this part of the world is now accessible by frequent plane trips and affordable transportation. In addition to the vast history and sightseeing in this region of the world, there are now world-class resorts that can cater to the luxurious of life.

To absorb the ancient history of this region, you’ll want to take a walk along the streets and alleys once a part of the Roman Empire. The picturesque scenery is a must-see for those interested in archeology and excited by archaeological finds. Taking a visit to the local marketplace in Ataturk is also a great way to find the perfect gift or handmade object for friends and family back home.

Your accommodations can be at a modern hotel like The Voyage Belek. This resort has a variety of rooms and suites designed with the modern traveler in mind. When you are not out playing golf, you can avail yourself of their fine restaurants and 24 hour bar on the premises. Not only will you find yourself amazed by the fine cuisine available, but you may wish to sample many of the international beverages that can not be found back in your own country.