Comprehending Hangul, the Korean Language

Korea, just like countless nations, opts to make use of its very own script, an alphabet referred to as Hangul, and that script is known around the world simply because of its efficacy, high quality, and methodical design and style. Created within the Choson Dynasty, the name of the korean alphabet actually means ‘the right sounds for the education of the people’, because King Sejong, the alphabet architect, believed everyday citizens should be able to decipher and / or record. This was a big change from custom, as, before the development of the writing system, merely the schooled could actually decipher and / or write.

Well before Hangul was developed, Chinese script was used for the purpose of deciphering as well as writing, yet countless, such as King Sejong, believed the language was lacking the capability to convey Korean verbal words and feelings effectively. Simply the educated could interact effectively together with respective authorities or record their historical past for children and grandchildren. Once King Sejong constructed Hangul, it was not a problem, given that the new script was indeed easy to learn and even specific for the country. Even though it now has assisted Koreans for quite a while, other folks generally find it tough to actually pronounce the words whenever reading, composing and / or speaking. For this reason, many choose to romanize the Korean writing system in order to make it easier to actually enunciate. This offers most the ability to decipher, record and also speak in Korean.