Contracting Business Ready To Expand? Buy a Bucket Truck and Add A Lucrative New Division

By investing in a bucket truck, general contractors can add potentially lucrative divisions to their business doing work like hanging and installing outdoor lighted signage, general signage, street light and parking lot lighting maintenance and window repair, to name just a few. Before diving in and buying one, there are many things to take into consideration.

For a small to medium sized contracting business considering their first bucket truck purchase, there is nothing wrong with renting. For one thing, it helps to use one for a while and get experience for what you like and what your business needs. A contractor who is just starting work with a bucket truck is not going to know exactly which type of jobs pay best and are feasible with their current business model. For example, the boom size on bucket trucks ranges from as low as 20 feet to over 60. Another good reason to rent is that it can easily cost up to $10,000 or even more beyond the purchase price on insurance, registration, repairs and modifications just to get it into service. But if it doesn’t get enough use, it can quickly become a money pit. Leasing is another viable alternative to buying for the same reasons.

Larger companies will usually buy or lease new vehicles, often an entire fleet at a time. It’s common for these trucks to be used a couple years then go back on the market. They are still very serviceable, so for smaller to mid-sized businesses wanting to buy one or a small number of trucks, buying used is perfectly fine. It is important to vet potential dealers and make sure their reputation is impeccable. There are a lot of cheap used bucket trucks for sale, but be careful. If you end up with one that breaks down right away, whatever was saved on that low ticket price is going to be lost quickly on repairs. Mechanically questionable trucks are also a liability to worker safety. No business wants to send their people 40 feet into the air and then have the truck malfunction. So buy only from a dealer who can guarantee the trucks are in top shape. And if in question, it is always worth it to have a certified mechanic take a look at it before making this investment.