Discover the new 2015 Subaru Legacy GT

The Subaru Legacy GT barely rolled off the assembly line before awards started to arrive. The newest model year of this vehicle has received the Kelly Blue Book Best Resale Value Award and the Residual Value award from ALG. It has also been picked by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety as a top safety pick. So, if you are interested in purchasing a Subaru Legacy GT new, your investment should pay off well over time and keep you safe while you save.

The Legacy GT is an affordable mid-sized family car that has been one of the top sellers for Subaru since they introduced the model in 1989. This popular vehicle is known for its all-wheel drive (AWD) feature, something unseen in any other vehicles of this type.

The car is also loved for its comfortable, stable ride and unfailing reliability. While it is not considered a car that should be noted for its exceptional power or speed, its ability to provide a safe ride regardless of the weather or road conditions is a huge bonus for many drivers.

The Legacy is one vehicle that can proudly boat that it really is designed for families. It traditionally comes with a durable interior that offers a lot of interior space and the 2015 model is praised for managing to increase the cabin space slightly more than previous models.

The interior is also attractive with simple features and clean lines. Options for leather-wrapped steering wheels and leather seats can increase the luxury. But the basic vehicle has plenty of comfort and style for many. The touch screen controls are effective, yet basic, making them easy for any car owner to learn to use comfortably. Additional optional items like front and back heated seats, push button start and a 12-speaker sound system means it offers plenty of luxuries for those who want to spend a little extra.

Despite the roominess, attractive appearance and AWD feature, the Legacy stills remains one of the most affordable mid-sized sedans on the market. When you add its amazing reliability and incredible safety features, like the optional driver assisted technology of Eyesight, this vehicle is a great value.