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Drive Your Dream Car Today A lot of people have dreamed or at least thought about driving around town in their own luxury vehicle as everyone you pass has to look twice at you and your car. While a lot of people might have this dream, the reality is that not everyone can afford to drive a new luxury car. However, there is another option for people that have this same dream, you can make this dream a reality with a pre-owned luxury car. If you are thinking this sounds great but you do not want to drive a used car, there is another option, you could lease a new luxury car. First we will look at the used buying option, although you probably want see term “used” being used, most dealers and manufactures have opted for phrases like “pre-owned” or “pre-driven”; for the sake of talking in the same language as the dealers you will be visiting we will not throw around the term “used.” It is easy to see why marketing teams have tried to change this terminology, used gives off the connotation of having a lot of miles, maybe some rust or being damaged in some way. The buying and selling process has changed over the years, this is in part because people including dealers and buyers have become smarter and have access to more information about cars in general. One of the most important things you can do when shopping for a pre-owned vehicle is to make sure that it has been certified. A certified pre-owned luxury car has passed inspection of industry standards or has been repaired so that it can meet these standards. Buying certified will give you peace of mind to let you know that the car not only looks good but it will run good also.
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There are a number of advantages of buying a certified pre-owned luxury vehicle. A big reason for people to buy a pre-owned luxury car is so they can portray that they own a BMW or Mercedes or whatever car you dream about, and you will own one without paying the extremely high sticker price. You will feel safe because you bought a certified vehicle so you know it will be without trouble for a long time. Vehicles lose a lot of their value in the first couple of years after it has been sold as new. This means that if you buy a pre-owned car that is already a couple of years old you will save a lot of money and the value will not decrease much going forward.
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An alternative to buying a new or used luxury vehicle is leasing a luxury automobile. This is a wise option for a couple of reasons. For business owners this is a good option because it can be written off your taxes and if it starts to require repairs you are not stuck with it.