Enjoying a Romantic Trip in Brazil

There are many tropical locations where couples can enjoy a romantic getaway, but there is something unique and special about Brazil. Some claim it’s the beaches, some say it is the friendly and welcoming others, and some say it’s the exotic food and drink. Then there are those who claim the allure of Brazil is something more than any of those things. It’s an energy and passion that people claim to feel as soon as they arrive and begin their romantic vacation to an Island in Bahia Brazil. Whoever is right, one thing is clear, Brazil is a popular destination for good reason. All any couple needs to do is a little bit of planning in order to create the ultimate, romantic getaway.

Experiencing food that is tasty, spicy, and exotic is a key part of any romantic vacation. Fortunately, there is no shortage of this in the state of Bahia. The coast of Bahia and surrounding islands are a great place to taste many delicious fish and seafood treats. Couples should make it a point to taste some of the local dishes. These include:

Giant shrimp
Octopus salad
Baked snapper
Fish Stew

Of course no trip to Brazil would be complete without a gluttonous meal full of spicy grilled meats and sausages. Couples will find these delectable treats available in restaurants and street carts. Anyone wanting to taste the most beloved dish of Brazil should order the simple, but tasty feijoada. This is a rice and bean dish fortified with bacon, greens, and other smoked meats that is traditionally served with sliced bananas. Whatever couples choose to eat, they will have plenty of fuel to tour the islands and enjoy eachother’s company.

Finally the couple will grow closer together as they explore the coastal and inland areas of Bahia. First of all couples who are lucky enough to visit the region just before Lent should make it a priority to spend at least one day celebrating Carnaval. This festival is full of eating, drinking, dancing, and merry-making. Couples can hit the streets to party with the locals or they can enjoy listening to axe music from their hotel balconies. Then, when the party is over there are many beautiful beaches where a romantic pair can stroll for hours without running into another soul.