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Some Things You Need To Remember If You Are Married To A Man Who Loves Mud Trucks

Perhaps you want to strengthen your relationship with your mud truck junkie husband even more so we’ve decided to give you a short list of things you might experience being married to mud truck junkie husband – and remind you how fun it actually is.

One: When it’s about to get dark and he tells you he’s still at the shop and that he’s going home late, he sort of means to tell you to not wait for him as he’s likely not to get back home before 7 or 8 at night.

Two: Avoid being jealous of the bromances he will have with his pals – because really, it’s inevitable in this scene.

Three: Instead of expecting tropical trips, expect an enjoyable mud bog trips with him.

Four: If you want to give him a gift on his birthday or any special occasion, you don’t have to think too hard, it’s easy: tools and trucks parts will definitely make him smile.

Five: You will probably need a prescription for Xanax, especially cause the weekends and mud bog events are usually nerve wracking.

Six: During event seasons, it’s safe to assume his phone’s going to blow up with calls, texts, and Facebook notifications – it’s all part of their mind-child competitive psyche.

Seven: Train yourself to be able to sleep to the roaring engine sound of mud trucks as he will for sure be lying next to you in bed while watching YouTube videos of mud trucks.

Eight: You will have frequent visitors: Fed-Ex, USPS, and UPS.

Nine: Wasting money, lots of money most of the time, is all part of the game – he will break it, mend it, and then do it again.

Ten: When he can’t attend a mud bog event, and/or his mud truck is not in the best shape, expect to see him in his lowest: cranky, moody, withdrawn or aloof. During these times, be extra cautious – it’s their most sensitive state.

Eleven: Sometimes, it will seem like you come second to their source of pride and joy. Acknowledge that it’s just a feeling and try not to be overly emotional about it.

Twelve: His clothes will almost always have grease, mud, and oil all over them. Be prepared to level up your laundry skills.

Thirteen: You are not going to be alone on this – not only are you going to be with your husband, both of you will also be able to meet a lot of cool people on the road. You will have a lot of unique and exciting experiences, creating unforgettable memories at every event your mud truck junkie husband takes you to.

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