For Sale: New Bucket Truck

If you own a business that conducts its operations at some height above ground level, you may find that you need to purchase a new bucket truck. Bucket trucks are commercial vehicles with a platform attached to a van or truck. This aerial platform or bucket may be made of fiberglass or steel, and it can be lifted or lowered with a long, hydraulic arm. The boom or lifting arm can lift employees who need to be at some height to work. The kind of work that requires bucket trucks include attaching power lines to utility poles, street light installation and repair, overhead traffic signs, attaching cables and telephone lines, painting tall structures, and trimming trees.

Bucket trucks may also be called boom trucks, basket crane trucks, or cherry pickers. The bucket itself may be referred to as a basket or a boom lift. If the bucket is attached to a van, then it would be referred to as a bucket van. Typical boom heights are between 50 and 60 feet. However, some boom heights may exceed 100 feet. Booms may be insulated or non-insulated depending on your needs. Insulated bucket trucks are designed to keep workers from becoming electrocuted. Linemen who work on utility lines or transformers at the top of a telephone pole are in danger of being injured by high voltage lines. The insulated bucket truck can provide protection from being shocked by the electric current.

The side reach of a bucket is also an important factor to consider when shopping for your new truck. If you work at the top of a utility pole, side reach may not be that important since you are working in just one spot. But if you are painting a tall house, a bridge, or other structures with a wide area that needs treatment, a large lateral reach may be very important to save time. In fact, a recently designed aerial unit features more than 36 feet of side reach with 50 feet of working height. This unit has proved itself to be very useful in tree trimming in residential backyards.