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Important Things to Know About Aviation or Aircraft Refuelers When dealing and handling with the aircraft fuel, this should be done in the right manner and the regulations and rules given by the local airport safety department must be followed. When one fails to do so, then this can be damaging to you and others around you. You must keep in mind how highly combustible the aircraft fuel is. The AVgas is only useful if this is utilized in the engine as the propeller rotates. With the present prices of fuel, any aircraft which is left parked overnight becomes an easy target for those who steal fuel these days. One solution that you can use so that you can keep those fuel thieves at bay is by using the lockable fuel caps. Also, it is very important that you keep in mind to refuel using the right fuel type. Jet fuel or diesel should not be used in the AVgas or gasoline engines since they are not designed for it. There are some gas turbine engines which are able to use the AVgas but they have limitations on the temperatures. You need to check the engine manual and find out if it is allowed when it is urgent.
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Also, in handling the aviation fuel, this should be done in the safe manner and there are precautions. The aircraft refuelers are the best people who are able to demonstrate how this is done because they are the ones with the experience on this matter as they are exposed to such on a regular basis. It is important that the fueling service personnel should follow the regulations and they must be trained in operating the fueling equipment safely. If the pilot refuels his own aircraft, then these things should be observed.
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It is needed to check the color and the type of the fuel prior to delivery. The 100 octane aviation gasoline or the AVgas bears the green color. The 100 octane low lead AVgas has the blue color. The jet fuel comes looks clear but can also be very light yellow in color. The red diesel obviously appears red. It is very important that when refueling the aircraft, no one should be smoking within at least 50 feet of the aircraft. The refueling process should also take place outside only. When you would do this in a closed hangar, then there could be a situation wherein the combination of the fuel vapors and air become highly explosive. A spark coming from static electricity may cause the flight to end prematurely. The aircraft and the fueling equipment or vehicles should be bonded together in order to dissipate the collected static electricity when refueling. There must be fire extinguishers available in case of fire. Also, it is important to turn off the portable electronic devices like the radios, pagers and cell phones. When there is a spill, the process of refueling must be stopped and the airport fire department should be informed about this. It is also important to take note that refueling should not be done with passengers on board.