I don’t understand what run flats do.

run flats

What’re run-flat tyres?

As run-flat tyres slowly become more popular, more and more questions are being asked to suppliers of run flat tyres such as Big Motoring World, BMW and Mercedes. Nobody really knows what they are what they do but this post should help clear that up.

Run flat tyres have been specially-designed with heavier sidewalls to keep an auto’s mobility in the event of a hole, letting the car to securely go on the road for another 50 miles. This offers the driver plenty of time arrange for assistance, or a replacement tyre and to access security.

How can they work?

The thicker side-walls make run flat tyres more solid, letting them support the car’s weight even when there’s a pressure fall. Determined by the vehicle maker, the strain is quantified in a number of ways; for example, some have a detector on the tyre valve. A pressure tracking program within the car also can alert the driver when pressure Falls below a specific level that is secure and recommended.

Safety first

This Security feature ensures that drivers will not be stuck in a blow-out situation or in danger that is unnecessary. The tyres; while supporting the cars weight, allow the driver to remain in complete control of the car while continuing the journey at a reduced speed.

Extra Information

Because run flat tyres are therefore fundamentally different to normal tyres, you should not fit normal tyres on a vehicle that is set up for run flats, as they’re smoother and would change the safety and the handling of the car. You also should not fit run-flat tyres to a car that has been adjusted for normal tyres as this again will affect the safety and handling of the vehicle.

Broadly speaking, a car must not be driven faster than 50 miles per hour and must not exceed 50 to 100 miles before a run-flat tyre should be changed. The principle is, the longer the tyre is driven upon, the more unlikely the tyre may not be repaired, as over time the increased pressure causes damage to the inside which is unrepairable.

To learn more or suggestions about run flat tyres, Big Motoring World Service Centre is a good source.