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How Car Dealerships Work If you drive just about along any main roads, it is ensured that you will practically see a great number of car dealerships. These stores allow you to select from a wide range of vehicles, from new to used, to the client. Their items are the ones that is not usually easy to sell and yet they can still manage to do a lot of business, or so it may seem. Simply read on if you have ever puzzled over on how a car dealership is managed. Your car dealerships is functioned in one of two ways. They will either get vehicles on consignment to sell or they will buy the cars and sell them for a profit. Let us take a look at both options. Payment after profit
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The way that consignment works is fairly straightforward. The company that provides the vehicles will permit the dealerships to own a number of cars on their area and take care of them. After the dealership has sold the car, the company which owns it expects a return since each car has their value. It is the car dealership who will then decide if they will sell the car for more than the value of the car and pay for the car that has been sold. Either way, both sides run a risk here. TThe company that the car is registered to runs the risk of the cars not getting purchased by customers. The car dealerships then run the risk of the vehicles getting damaged or stolen, in which case they would be held liable for the value of the car.
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Purchase to sell In this kind of car dealership model the dealerships will avail the vehicles from the company provider that they think they can sell. They will at times only purchase one or two of a specific model of a car and have it used as a demo vehicle for customers who are interested to test drive. If the client decides to buy a vehicle, the car dealership will avail from the vehicle manufacturer the exact model of the car that the client wants. The vehicle is then sold to the customer at a mark-up. The car dealerships make some losses from the sale of the demo vehicles but they make up for the loss with the number of cars that they sell brand new with a signification additional costs. With this model, the risks for the car dealership and vehicle manufacturers are a lot less in comparison to the other model. Pre owned car dealerships will usually work on a model that is the same as the buy to sell model of new cars. They will purchase vehicles from private individuals, either as a car for cash or as a trade in on another car, and will then proceed to sell the car again for a profit. They also have to be extremely careful and cautious in examining the car to make sure that it is worth what they are offering for it and that it is road worthy.