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A Guide to Torque Cars and Horsepower

Those serious about their cars have come to the right place. Noisier cars are not necessarily more powerful. Moving forward with an nonjudgemental point of view will help you to really understand car maintenance. Many people don’t know what torque means when it comes to cars. Torque is what allows your car to accelerate.Torque is what cases a car to accelerate.Torque is responsible for acceleration in automobiles. Basically, a good way to define torque would be by saying it is the amount of turning power you have, much like a simple wrench.

When the car company lists the torque figure for a car, they are giving the maximum capacity of the engine. This number is wrong because the the engine provides a higher value than the rate of the wheels on the car. While this number may be a good estimate of how fast the car can accelerate, the figure is not exact. It is necessary to understand simple physics to truly understand the issue. By definition, torque is the moment of force. In general, “torque” refers to engine power at low RPMS, at the same time “horsepower” is used to define the same measurement at a higher RPM. Many engines can not develop their maximum power until they reach the highest RPMS, while other engines may be able to achieve the power quickly at a lower RPM rate. For example, diesel engines are able to accelerate quickly but loose power once their RPM rate increases. Power is required even at low RPM levels for the vehicle to be able to accelerate when completely stopped. When discussing actual power, many people feel torque foot pounds are a more accurate way of measuring car acceleration performance than the commonly used horsepower foot pounds is. Horsepower and torque in an engine are commonly mistaken as meaning the same thing. Horsepower refers to the power output of an engine, in total. Torque is the measurement of your engines ability to turn or torque. Because it is relative to weight, horsepower is generally accepted as a better way to measure a car’s given top speed.

Basically, the greater your torque, the less force you’ll need to accelerate. One argument says all engine capabilities will change depending on the vehicle because size and weight will factor into the equation. Understanding simple auto terms is recommended to anyone looking to make vehicle purchase or upgrades. Cars will only perform to these maximum numbers if they are in the best possible condition, meaning they are not in need of any regular maintenance and no not suffer from broken parts. Do not be confused by horsepower and torque anymore.

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