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Hybrid Cars Can Be Difficult to Service In an effort to protect the earth and to offset the high gas prices of the last decade, hybrid cars have become very popular. There are a lot more of these eco-friendly cars on the road nowadays which is great, where the problem lies is with the mechanics and garages. In many ways these new vehicles are similar to traditional vehicles, but in some ways they are vastly different and this is where the problems begin. There are a lot of garages that have adapted to the new technology and have trained their mechanics to work on the new hybrids. However, there are a lot of owners that are unsure how they should handle the needs of their new car or truck. For this reason it is important for owners or future owners to look into the needs of their new automobile. Traditional vehicles were very easy to work on; owners could do the routine services in their own garage if they wanted to. Changing the oil, replacing the battery, and checking the brake pads were all common services that were once done in the owners garage. Hybrids are an entirely different beast, many do it yourself owners are now better off taking their car to an experienced professional to perform any of these tasks. If you were to mishandle the engine of a hybrid vehicle the result could be a serious or even fatal accident.
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Hybrid engines are more than basic internal combustion engines, they also have the housing for the cars electrical system which is much more complex, even some seasoned mechanics do not know how to handle such an engine. High voltage combined with power can be very problematic when services are required. While we have said that you should attempt to work on you own vehicle, some small garages will be unwilling or unable to help with you service. Garages are still improving on this technology, although some are lagging behind because they did not take the technology serious when it was first introduced.
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Some of the bigger differences between the two types of vehicles is the batteries, fluids, and brake pads. Hybrid vehicles are so different that it is easy to see why they would need different fluids to run properly. These fluids will be new to a new hybrid owner and could possibly be new to the mechanic that you have picked to service your vehicle. The first time you attempt to do anything with your new hybrid you should consult the owner’s manual, you will want to read and follow the guidelines of the manual exactly. The best thing you could do is take your vehicle to a mechanic that has a lot of experience with hybrids.