Maui vow renewals: so good, you’ll barely remember your original wedding!

Maui is a desirable and popular location for a first wedding; the beauty and awe of the island can also inspire many couples to consider doing a vow renewal on Maui, as well. Royal Lahaina Resort on Maui has a prime ocean-front location and a majestic backdrop of mountains that makes for the perfect setting to recommit to your spouse or partner. Be sure to book your accommodations with us in advance, and talk with our staff to come up with ideas and plan the perfect ceremony to renew your vows. Royal Lahaina is a luxury resort in one of Maui’s most prized beach fronts, and our staff has great experience helping couples organize weddings and vow renewals .

Some great vow renewals on Royal Lahaina include the following:

Elegant and sophisticated nuptials

Plan an intimate and elegant ceremony under the warm glow of candlelight in a tent on the manicured grounds of our resort. Enjoy the fragrance of the native blooms and scented blossoms that fills the surrounding air. Resort staff will help you arrange catering for your affair and provide musical accompaniment for a memorable wedding or vow renewal ceremony.

Coastal committal ceremony

You have the most fabulous beach at your disposal on Maui, so why not make it the focal point of your renewal ceremony? Have an officiant meet you and your betrothed on the sand for a sunset ceremony to reaffirm the vows that you both value and hold dear.

Wild and wonderful honeymoon

After the rings are (back) on your fingers and the vows have been spoken, you can kick off your shoes and have a wild romp through the lush tropics of the region. Take a chartered boat off the rocky shore, or go hiking and discover streams and waterfalls in Maui’s verdant forests. Arrange to go zip-lining through trees or perhaps share a spot on the summit of Haleakala. Choose a unique and exhilarating adventure that reflects your daring and fun-seeking nature!

A wedding or vow renewal at Royal Lahaina is the perfect way to commit to your loved one, and will create memories that you both will cherish for years to come.