Momentum Headphones from Sennheiser Are Multi-Media All-Stars

Sennheiser has been making headphones and other consumer electronics for over 65 years, and their product line inspires awe in any true audiophile, but many of their offerings are targeted at specific types of users; DJ’s, travelers, gamers, and music lovers all have Sennheiser products aimed directly at them. That is why, when the Momentum line of headphones were released, as one of the first multi-media headphones from this recognized leader in sound reproduction, they caused quite a stir. With the Momentum, it seemed that Sennheiser had struck a perfect balance. Even though they were specifically designed for use with low-powered mobile devices like tablets, smartphones, and laptops, the specifications and performance would also bring a smile to even the most demanding audiophiles.

On the performance side, thanks to the Sennheiser sound drivers, you’ll enjoy full, crystal clear, crisp, and accurate stereo sound. The sennheiser momentum headphones produce superior audio, and unlike many products in this category, it is not heavy on the midrange frequency response. Because the engineers made allowances for that fact, the Momentum can hold its own with any other headphones in terms of bass, midrange, and treble quality. If you are listening in a crowded or noisy environment, the Momentum’s closed back design will help to limit the background noise. These headphones also come with a convenient in-line control for easy manipulation of the headphone.

As far as physical design and fit, the Momentum is very unique in that, although it is a full-size over-the-ear headphone, it only weighs an amazing 190 grams. Made from lavish and lightweight materials, these headphones look good and are built to last. The easy-to-adjust headband itself is constructed from lightweight stainless steel with a leather pad at the top of the arch for extra comfort. Thanks to the use of high quality Alcantara from Milan, the earpads are soft, comfortable and will lend themselves to hours of listening pleasure at a time. Because of their superior design these earpads will hold firmly in place, with no sliding.

The only real complaints about the Momentum are that the ear pads are a bit on the small side so those with larger ears may want to look at other models; and unlike some of their counter-parts in this class, these headphones do not fold up. To help compensate for that minor inconvenience, they do come with a very stylish carrying case.