Mouth-watering Argentine Foods to Try

From mountains, lakes, parks, wildlife reserves and glaciers, Argentina boasts some of the best in South America. But aside from these tourist magnets, a visit to Argentina won’t be complete without having a taste to several of its signature foods.

In Argentina, meat is strongly favored. Asado (South American-style barbeque), steaks and beef ribs are some of their best meat dishes. Scan this blog –Top Tourist Attractions in Argentina Wandering Trader for the complete list of the most delicious ones as well as the best restaurants to dine. Often than not, these dishes are usually accompanied by a sauce called Chimichurri. It is a mixture of parsley, onion, oregano, olive oil, garlic and vinegar.

Dulce de Leche or “milk jam” is a popular Argentine dessert and is considered a must for sweet-toothed people. It’s a sticky sweet treat made from condensed milk. Dulce de Leche is widely used as spread or filling for cakes, pancakes, breads, and other baked goods or pastries.  Alfajores is another noteworthy dessert you should sample. It’s a shortbread cookie sandwich stuffed with any of or all of the following: jams, dulce de leche or chocolate.

Another popular food in Argentina (also a common food throughout South America) is empanada. It’s a fried or baked pastry stuffed with a long list of fillings ranging from typical to exquisite but mostly contains meat. Empanadas eaten as dessert are filled with jams, dulce de leche or sweet potato paste while savory empanadas are stuffed with spiced beef, chicken or goat meat.

Choripan is Argentina’s street food. It is made with grilled pork and chorizo cooked over wood flames or charcoal topped with chimichurri and stuffed in crusty bread.

The savory stew called Carbonada is Argentina’s cold month’s food. This meaty dish is made with meat (depends entirely on what’s available), carrots, potatoes, corn, pepper, bacon and topped with fruits like apricots, raisins and peaches.

A traditional drink called Yerba mate is the national beverage. This herbal drink is usually sipped through a cane or metal straw. Drinking mate is a social practice here. Definitely try drinking it in public. Alcoholic beverages are also enjoyed in the country. A wide variety of these include Aguardiente, Hesperidina and Cider. Of course it’s a shame to forget trying out Argentine wines.