Oil Change Coupons Save on All Types of Oil

Putting money into a car is a necessary evil. Sure, everyone wants their car to run forever without any problems whatsoever. This is an unrealistic expectation of car ownership.

But the truth is that car owners can actually get pretty close to that one on universal condition- they change the oil properly. Now properly means a number of things. It means the right quantity of times which is relevant to the size of the oil container and the make and type of the vehicle. Properly also means cleaning out the oil reservoir often enough to keep the gunk and oil deposit builds at a minimum. There are also other considerations, such as putting in the right type of oil (high mileage, 240, etc) and not running the vehicle into the ground with terrible driving or a lead foot. Below are some more details about car maintenance specifically around oil changing.

How often should it be changed?

This question is asked so often, and the truth is that it is a subjective answer. For example, the manufacturer will suggest a number. This is the closest to fact one can possibly get. It is also a pretty conservative answer, meaning it is lower than what is really necessary. A manufacturer may suggest every 3,000 miles, but in the middle years of the car’s life, 5,000 is perfectly acceptable.

Do not get this number from an oil change company or auto shop, for they inflate it beyond what is necessary in order to increase returns and see more business.

What type of oil?

This is an answer that will be found factually straight from the manufacturer. There are about five main types of oil. An auto shop may recommend something fitting but also on the pricier side for obvious reasons.

Many oil change coupons are accepted here to offset the cost of the perfect type of oil. It is wise to upgrade for the longevity of the car, and the oil is its blood. Most Oil Change Coupons can be used on standard changes and upgrade oil changes, as well as used in conjunction with other great offers.