6 Lessons Learned: Modification

The Simplicity of the Concept of Auto & Motor Vehciles.

Arguably the greatest invention of all time is the automobile, not just because of things such as it’s complexity or the intuition that was needed to create it, but also because of how much it has evolved over the centuries. The first version of an automobile was steam powered, and other than that was just four big wheels attached to a flat surface, which was used to transport goods just as much as people. Although automobiles continued to be steam powered for some time, they did see improvements during the nineteenth century in other departments such as braking and steering. The 20th century is when engines started using the combination of fuel and oxygen to make internal combustion engines, which engineers put in the front end of the automobiles and covering them, which gave automobiles a new look. With the advances in motor and auto technology, a mass production scheme was invented specifically for these machines, in order to maximize the financial productivity that they could bring to the people and companies who were making them. The changes in automobiles also lead to changes in society itself as well, seeing as they offered easier transportation which made for an easier transition into more urban styles of living. It became very clear later in the 20th century that things would never be the same again and that automobile advances were just getting started due to the fact that most Americans owned at least one car in the 1980’s. Automobiles have seen a lot of advances in the recent decades, and the production of them is no different, seeing as ens of millions are made each year. Today the majority of cars still use an internal combustion engine, which burns gasoline to make the automobile run, but is also criticized for being bad for the environment. Something that has changed a lot since the dawn of the production of automobiles is what engineers are working to advance, and what aspects of the vehicle they are trying to make better. In the past when automobiles were relatively new, the idea for engineers was to make them run more efficiently, and to find ways to make them more usable and accessable. Today advances are done for very different reasons such as wanting to improve a car’s safety rating, make it a more comfortable car to drive, or to simply make it look more exquisite for the high-end car buyers. All in all, automotive motor vehicles have come a long way since their beginning, and there is still a long road ahead for their capacity to be advanced.

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