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TIPS ON HOW TO RENT A LUXURY CAR Making an event memorable is as easy as starting the party even when you’re still traveling to the venue. Booking a luxury car from a rental company is a wonderful idea for anyone who needs to travel to and from an event in an enjoyable and fashionable way. There are a lot of service providers which offers renting out of luxury cars so searching for one is easy and trouble-free. However, due to the large quantity, choosing which one to book and what details to prepare when selecting a luxury car might be a difficult and confusing process. Below are some points to guide you when booking the service of a luxury car rental company: Searching for a luxury rental company in your area that will give the best service value. Take into consideration the fleet of luxury cars being available for rental by the company and check if they are in top condition and well maintained. Another thing to consider is that their chauffeurs are knowledgeable of plenty of alternate routes in the area in case of traffic or any delays. The chauffeurs of the rental company should also be approachable and competent.
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Getting the rental rates offered by different luxury car rental companies. Different luxury car rental companies offer different rental rates. Other rental companies charge a fixed rate and others charge depending on hourly rate.Other rental companies may charge you on top of the base price for fuel and other related costs. Usually the rates for weekend use are more inexpensive but there are also great deals when renting a luxury car at a weekly rate.
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Taking notice of insurance and other additional surcharges. There are a number of related surcharges that a luxury car rental company adds on top of the rental rate including insurance, property-theft coverage and other associated costs. Be sure to ask about these kinds of costs ahead of time since your insurance company might already cover you. Examine the luxury car that you booked thoroughly for dents, scratches or interior stains and if there are any, use your camera to take a photo to prove that they were already there even before you rented it. How to tip the designated driver. Normally, the tip that is given to assigned chauffeurs of rental vehicles is around 17 to 20 percent of the base price. You should ask the company prior to reservation if they include the driver’s tip in the total bill of the luxury car rental. And lastly, if you had a great experience with the luxury car rental company, don’t forget to return the favor and give them a positive online feedback.