Review: BMW 3 Series Convertible

3 series convertible

Like much of the 3 Series range, the 3-Series Convertible could be looked upon as a “have your cake and consume it” automobile. It provides buyers powerful functionality, fine appearances, comfort, prestige and good fuel economy. The sporty appearances are endorsed by a sporty drive. Handling is amongst the best you will see in a four sitter cab- the weighty direction is exact, according to testers. However, some claim it is a bit lacking in feel. The journey quality occasionally disappoints too, but this can be minimised by remaining clear of the larger wheel choices.

All what exactly which make the normal 3-Series saloon a fine location to invest time still apply to the convertible, with the extra advantage of a metal folding roof that stows away in 23 seconds to use every sliver of sunshine. Back legroom is adequate and the seats are comfy, say the specialists. With the roof retracted boot space falls from 350 litres to merely 210 litres. Like all 3 Series the Convertible does a great job of being both swift and frugal. The top-spec 335i is truly rapid. The dual-clutch transmission on this particular model can be advocated. Diesels are extremely economic and still decently quick.

By selecting something with the blue propeller badge you’ll always be spending a little more than some competitors, though conventional kit is better than it used to be. Coupe versions are approximately GBP5, 000 cheaper. If you don’t really desire the open-air encounter Emissions and Economy are good though, which makes the Convertible relatively inexpensive to run.

The 3 Series Convertible is a rather sound purchase, therefore there is not a lot to note. Manual transmissions and both auto are commended and the 320d will probably supply the finest day-to-day operation and economy combination. Big wheels are to be averted though, as they destroy the ride quality. The 3 Series Convertible has an excellent blend of characteristics, as we said at the best. If you desire your 3-Series enjoyable to maintain the sunlight (without compromising in winter) it’s the method to go.

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