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A Fridge on Tires A refrigerated van is the fast, efficient and COOL way to transport goods either from short or long distances. Most of the businesses today are very successful, thanks to the refrigerator vans. Nowadays the crazy demands on today’s economy is challenging, but this portable refrigeration unit will increase supply quality in every supermarket, pharmaceutical industry, restaurant, caterers, fast food chains and many other types of business. Before we discuss more about refrigerated vans and other refrigerated transports, let’s first talk about its main market, which is called the cold chain. The cold chain is generally a controlled temperature supply chain. An unbroken cold chain is the steady order of storage and transportation activity which preserve a given temperature scale. It is used to help increase and secure the shelf life of products such as seafood, fresh farm produce, frozen food, chemicals, photographic films, and pharmaceutical drugs. This different types of products during transfer and when in temporary storage, are usually called cool cargo. Cold chain products are easily spoiled unlike other products or goods, that’s why its usually in route towards its last stop.
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About many events has occurred where the pharmaceutical drugs have been transported to third world countries without making use of the cold chain method where the vaccines have decayed due to extreme exposure to heat. While the patients who took the decayed vaccines thought they have been vaccinated, but in reality is they have been exposed at higher risk. That’s why better awareness is now being obeyed to the entirety of the cold chain transportation process to make sure that generic diseases will eventually be exterminated from society.
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Now that we have more knowledge about the cold chain process, we should start to learn more about the vehicles used that make it all possible. Refrigerator trucks, which are either a van or a truck that is built with portable refrigeration unit, that is designed to load decaying merchandise to extend or preserve food, medicine, etc. Many different types of refrigerated trucks are usually available in the market. It can either be just a basic ice cooled truck or a truck that uses carbon dioxide gas, or it can also be installed with different types of mechanical refrigeration systems, for it to produce low temperatures ideal for transporting some produce. Portable refrigerated trucks are mainly built for availability and usefulness. The food and fruit production industry, will usually consider the portable refrigerated van to be their business hero The freshly harvest fruits and food will stay fresh and not decay until they arrive in their destination. Hence why this portable refrigerated van are ideal for carrying meat, fruits, ice cream and other dairy products.