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A Guide to Car Configurators

If you are confused on what car to buy for yourself, you can use a car configurator tool online to help you look for one. Online you will find a step-by-step process which leads you to the car of your choice.

What a car configurator can do is to allow the customer to define the features or qualities that he wants in a car that he will purchase. The configurator will then ask for more specific details until the customer is given a short list of the products he is more likely to purchase.

For example, a customer looking for a brand new car can get confused in the website where there are thousands of cars to choose from. The customer then can use the configurator to narrow down his choices to the things that he would be interested in. Three steps will allow the configurator to know what the customer wants. The customer simply needs to input the car brand, the model and the color, and the configurator can tell the customer that right car that he wants. This simple procedure allows customers to browse through thousands of potential cars which they are not looking for. With this convenient and time saving process, customers are able to purchase the right car that they need.

A well designed car configurator can reduce multiple misguided clicks into a few simple selections. It can also handle the problem of how customers can know which parts are right for their needs. Car configurators can best handle compatibility. It will reduce the hardships of customer service for the retailer.

The benefit that a website owner can gain from a car configurator is the contribution it makes to increased conversion ratio. If a website owner monitors his configurator he will be able to know the mind of his customer. The interest of the customer is shown on how he responds to the configurator.

At present, car configurators have added more features to their configurators and are no longer confined to the three step process. Now car brands have car configurators where you can actually put the car features that you want. After using the tool, customers can show the configuration to the dealer to get a quote. Many customers end up buying a car after using the configurator and contacting the dealer.

Now, these websites have built sight, sound and motion around the experience of their customers. Now car configurators also come with animated clips and interactive drag-and-drop functions as well as requisite specs.

There is one goal for car configuration and that is to drive the customer to the dealer. Visiting a dealership and looking at a physical car is perhaps still the best option to take.

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