Some of the Best All-inclusive Golf Breaks in Turkey

Turkey is a surprisingly expansive region of stunning grasslands. For better or worse, a large portion of this has been adjusted slightly and majestically into acres and acres of incredible golf vistas. It is estimated that there about 100 golf courses in Turkey. As the bridge between the Middle East and Europe, Turkey is a bit of a rich cultural haven merging the two while also separating them. The cultures of these two distinctive regions are so vast. With all these golf courses, Turkey is a bit of a vacation and escapist’s dream. Golf life away while the booming landscapes of Europe and the troublesome synergy in the Middle East go about the culture of the times. Here, in Turkey, are vistas of stunning scenery, difficult golf holes, and a culture of play.

Below are just some of the major courses in the country:

  • Montgomerie Maxx Royal: The course is special and world renowned for it being designed by Colin Montgomerie.
  • Gloria: Gloria is considered a beginner’s paradise. Lost of flat lands and modest hills makes it a traditional though incredible course
  • Cornelia: Cornelia is well known for its presence of sand and its interweaving pines and trees
  • Lykia Links: The most famous and possibly the most extravagant course in the entire country
  • Antalya: This is a very natural course. It weaves throughout thick woods and rests alongside a number of huge lakes
  • Sueno: This course is one of the most popular in the Belek region. It is largely responsible for putting Belek on the map as the main place to go for golf courses, especially those that want to hit a number of great courses as if a ‘collector’ of sorts.

A wide variety of players like to enter into the games in Turkey. There is something about the atmosphere of the region. There is hardly a major city in the entire country, aside from Belek. The all-inclusive golf breaks in turkey are astounding fun, but also incredibly relaxing. There are few better places to relax than the bridge between two grand worlds- the hilltops of Turkey that resonate complexity and beauty in one fell swoop.