Stop and Get Maintenance Before Your Brakes Fail to Stop

For the day to day operation of your vehicle, you will have to make sure that it is always in top and safe working condition. This includes everything from the tires to the fluids in the engine to the braking system. It is the braking system that will be the focus of this article. These are not the days of the Flintstones where you stop your vehicle with your feet. You must above anything else ensure that your brakes are in tip top shape. There could be no worse feeling than to prepare to slow or stop your vehicle only to find that nothing happens.

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There are some signs you should watch for to alert you to your brakes possibly failing. The first sign is usually associated with piercing, shrill noises. By the time you hear this noise, however, it is critical to get your brakes looked at immediately. It means your pads are gone, which means now you will be scrubbing the rotors on your wheels, and possibly ruin them. Another sign of brake issues is when your car begins to pull as you brake. Your brakes may need to be adjusted; they could be leaking brake fluid or they might be worn out.

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