Take On a New Adventure With Your School Or Group

Corporate, university and social groups are always looking for something new to plan for a day out. You want to find an activity that not only brings people together socially, but has a bit of excitement added to the mix. Add to that friendly competition, skill building and a bit of education to top off the day. Instead of spending the day at a conference retreat center or sitting through a routine luncheon, make a date to spend “A Day in a Tank” at one of their three locations in the United Kingdom. Each person can get a chance to learn about the actual armored vehicles present and have an opportunity to drive one along after professional training. While in your tank you will have a chance to try out a number of different terrains and engage in competitive games with each other. This company offers special bookings for groups to try out their facilities and involve the total tanking experience into their own corporate or learning culture. To learn about their three UK locations and the many tanks featured at their different locales at www.adayinatank.co.uk.

Your day at driving a tank first includes definite training so you will not be too much of a novice behind the wheel of a seventeen ton armored vehicle. Once you have learned the basics, you may be ready to undertake your first ride and get the feel of riding inside as an army officer would. Competitions and paintball games can be set up as well for your group to truly make a day of it.

For many people, steering or merely riding in a Chieftain tank is on their “bucket list” of things they would like to try in their lifetime. Others may not have given a ride in a tank much thought but once they see the size and magnificence of these vehicles, they quickly change their mind. Each of their three locations feature their own array of tanks and terrains to try. Weekend experiences can be scheduled, where you can involve the tank experience into other educational or business events at local lodgings of your choice.