Tank Experiences: What It Really Means to have a Once in a Lifetime Experience

There is something enthralling and riveting about being able to ride on something. It begins with the fascination with plastic toy trucks as children, and extends to the family town carnival when the ponies were circling ever so calmly around a 10 foot circumference. The love for riding things, though, seems to be downtrodden and spoiled by driving to work every day in a regular car and not enjoying the thrill of going ever so fast.

If speed is overrated, what about brute strength? What about crushing a car, literally, or careening through the wilderness in an impenetrable force? The website http://adayinatank.co.uk provides just that experience. As remarkable as it sounds, it is very much possible. Everyone can have the opportunity to mark “drive a tank over a car” off their bucket list. Just when the list was getting too convoluted and unrealistic, someone comes in and gives it a great big kick in the teeth.

The United Kingdom has a lot of wonderful things to offer, but few are as dominating and original as driving a tank. Tank Driving Experiences offers a twist on the experience as well, if it ever needed one. People can load their turret mortars with a huge paintball, and blast at opposing tanks. It is as absurd as it sounds, and it is also a thrilling experience. There is nothing else like blasting away at another tank and coating it with blue paint.

Four main tanks can be found in any given day, though the top two need to be booked quite awhile in advance. This is the Russian Grozdilka, a monstrous device fitted with a 12 litre turbo and a 122mm smoothbore cannon that is just a beast. Its complement is the Supacat. The Supacat has a shocking versatility in its construction as well as its speed. It moves around with blissful force, despite its 6×6 high frame.

A tank is a behemoth of a thing. Many of the best tanks in the world have seen major exposure in real combat situations. This is the best of the best the world’s greatest nations have to offer, and it is an opportunity that cannot possibly be missed.