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3 Tips To Help You Buy The Perfect Motorcycle Helmets As you read the following lines, you will be able to uncover tips on how you should buy a motorcycle helmet that fits perfectly to your head and that can protect you in case of accident. Tip number 1. Get your measurements – there are lots of people who tend to have preconception that helmets have a standard size that can fit for everyone. Because of this, they are settling for the first helmet they see without giving it a try first. Let’s check out how far gone they actually are in this misconception. You may not believe it but there are so many people who end up buying an oversize helmet. What this mean is that, when you are wearing them, chances are that, if you’re involved in an accident, the space available doesn’t cover fully the skull putting you in grave harm.
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As a result, this makes it critical for one to get their exact measurements prior to walking to a store and buying a helmet. But the real question here is, how does one will go in measuring their head without being weird. First of all, you have to wrap your head with a cloth at least an inch above your eyebrows. After that, use a tape measurement to acquire the measurements. You can check out some websites and find the measurements according to your records.
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Tip number 2. Avoid going for novelty – never based your decision with the embellishments that many people are adding to their helmet when shopping for one. Actually, this just means that these novelty helmets are only for the show and do so little to protect you. So whenever possible, just go with the ones that are certified. Motorcycle helmets have to be tried and tested to be able to ensure that it is the perfect fit. Mind you, these days there are plenty of counterfeits sold in the market that instead of providing protection, it do more harm than good. Always take into account that these novelty helmets are only for the show unless you like to take part in a motorcycle parade. Tip number 3. Never share helmets – it is highly advisable that you steer clear of the practice of sharing helmets with others. It is not about hygiene reasons but it is more of the safety of riders. Overtime, the lining of helmet will orient itself to rider’s head and its contours. In other words, while you are expecting the motorcycle helmet to fit, it won’t truly fit and if it happens, you are not fully protected. It is better to just not practice borrowing or sharing motorcycle helmets.