The Heart of Invention is silent and effective fromTesla motors

Of the many automakers on the market working to develop and innovate the automotive industry, there has been surprisingly little push from well established manufacturers to go green. In the early 2000s there was a bit of a push from a few companies on the edge of the market to create hybrid vehicles following the dramatic increase in oil costs in the United States after September 11th. However, most of these cars cycled through no more than a couple of years of production if that before the recession swallowed up a great portion of the automotive industry. More than a decade later, the need for clean emissions vehicles continues to grow more serious. Perhaps that is why so many investors are looking at vehicles that are silent and effective fromTesla motors.

The push for development of emissions free automobiles led to a big year last year for Tesla. Interest extends to other innovations that Tesla has taken priority in as well. Everything from self-driving automotive technology to in-home power stations are turning from hypothetical science-fiction into actuality. Everyone is not ready to hand over the reins to their car or make the switch to emissions free energy, but it is irrefutable that Tesla has made progress while competitors have been dragging their feet through the oil.

Setbacks to development of newer and better Tesla products are in many ways limited by their price-tag. The average American consumer still finds the cost of an electric vehicle out of their reach. Even if the vehicles themselves were not so costly, the lack of access to charging stations makes electric vehicles impractical for those living outside of densely populated urban areas. That is why it is important to see how Tesla commits its resources. The unveiling of its Powerwall technology could be a game changer in the long run if they can first get it in enough homes to make the investment worthwhile.

Right now investors are seeing how the demand for green emissions automobiles sustains itself. With other fledgling electric vehicle manufacturers enter the market it is hard to see how the demand for these vehicles will develop. Cautious investors will wait to see if emissions free automotives can secure their own future before deciding where to put their money.