Things You Should Know About Social Media

Picture the scene: you are driving away from Big Motoring World and you would like to tell your friends about your brand-new car and the great deal you got thus, like numerous folks up and down the country, you use your smart phone to broadcast the news.

Think it might be a good idea to post a selfie to go with that status update? Yes? Then perhaps it’s time to reconsider. Surely you know it’s breaking the law to use a hand-held device while in control of a vehicle? It carried a heavy penalty f you are caught so why do we still chose to do it?
A great deal of research and its evidence shows that using a mobile apparatus whilst driving is a dangerous game to be playing.

A report demonstrates that the response time for motorists using social media slowed compared to 12% for motorists at the drive limit. Other investigation reveals you’re four-times more prone to a crash while using a mobile while driving but if the statistics do not make a convincing enough case then how about a graphic example.

Take the terrible injury in the USA. Courtney Sanford; 32, lost control of her car after posting a selfie to her social media page and ploughed into an oncoming truck. Friends of the 32 years old said her social media updates appeared seconds before the tragic accident occurred. Surely this proves that using phones while driving is a bad idea

There have already been numerous examples of fatalities and crashes on UK motorways due to motorists too occupied with texting or making calls recently. But do we really need the law to tell us it is dangerous to update our status on FB while driving?