Torque Testers Will Provide Consistency

There are many models of torque testers available that can save your company money in a few ways. First, they are cost effective because you will eliminate the need to pay a third party to come on site and test all the wrenches and screwdrivers or the need to take them off site to be tested. Next, you will be able to test tools for torque accuracy and calibrate accordingly and you will also be able to test more frequently thus keeping productivity at higher levels. There are several testers available in different models. The MULTITORQ data and collection system displays readings from sensors that attach between sockets and drivers. It weighs only one pound and features 8 select-able readouts on a wide angle LCD display. The user can test torque values as they are applied or display the highest value applied. The sensors for this machine are sold separately.

Digital testers test both wrenches and screwdrivers and can be mounted on the wall. It has an easy to use touch screen and stored information can be downloaded to a personal computer. This is cost effective and comes with a USB cable, a storage case and an AC adapter. You can test using a deflection beam gauge with a pivoting handle for accuracy. You can also use a bench mounted torque analyzer for hand operated tools for quick and inexpensive standardization. A digital analyzer system can be used for both hand operated and power tools.

A torque comparative tester is great when you need to quickly check your wrench before usage to comply with facility policy. It has a compact design that lets you mount it either horizontally or vertically to any flat surface. There are bench models also available in the comparative tester. Checking your tools frequently is the single most cost effective thing you can do in-house to insure high quality and precise torquing values. Brand names are available at prices far less than listed by manufacturers, so check out the savings compared to the testing method your company uses now and see if you can save time and money be testing on-site.