Vehicle Shopping: Why Pre-owned is the Most Sensible Option

There are always debates about whether or not purchasing a used vehicle is a good idea. The fact is, those who are against pre-owned vehicles are often arguing with “facts” that are either untrue or outdated. The old image of a “used car salesman” as someone who could not be trusted is a ridiculous stereotype that has nothing to do with reality.

Most used car lots have high-quality vehicles that have undergone a thorough inspection to make them as safe and reliable as any new models found at a dealership. These vehicles come with service plans and warranties and even VIN checks if you are still unsure. Generous loans terms are available for used vehicles including extended payment plans and low interest rates.

What they do not have are huge sticker prices. They do not lose thousands in value the moment they are driven off the lot. They also do not need to have additional insurance coverage over and above their full coverage policy to cover the gap between value and loan balance.

Used vehicles typically maintain their resale values better than new models as well. So when the time comes to trade them in or resell, more of your money will be returned to you than if you invested in a new vehicle.

A pre-owned vehicle is still covered by any recall protections, it will have all those “new car” kinks worked out already and will have been on the road long enough for any quirks to become common knowledge. This makes it much easier for a buyer to know exactly what they will be getting.

The best part about shopping for pre-owned cars is that there will be a countless amount of makes and models available at just one location. You will not need to stop at one place to look at a Honda and then move to another to see what is available from Chevrolet. Instead you can compare different makes side by side in one place. It saves you time and effort.

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