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When looking for a new vehicle, it can be hard to decide which brand to buy. After all, we all want a car that’s fun to drive and dependable. One of the most popular brands of vehicles to buy right now is the Subaru. If you’ve been thinking about buying a Subaru, you should first take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of buying one. One advantage of buying a Subaru’s is the fuel economy. Most new Subaru’s have a fuel economy of at least 30 miles per gallon on the highway. Another benefit of buying a Subaru is the discounts that Subaru offers to their customers. For example, if you’re a military service member it’s possible to get up to $3,000 off when you purchase a new Subaru vehicle. Purchasing a used Subaru is also very beneficial because unlike many car brands that don’t offer a warranty on their used cars, Subaru offers a 10 year or 100,00 powertrain warranty on many of their used vehicles. Plus, they also provide their customers with roadside assistance for the duration of the warranty.

Before heading to your local Subaru dealership, you should know that many people don’t feel that Subaru offers a large enough variety of vehicles. For example, Subaru doesn’t make trucks, so if you’ve got your heart set on purchasing a new truck, looking at Subaru’s’s may not be the best choice. Also, buying a new Subaru may be more expensive than purchasing some other brands. In fact, most new Subaru’s will cost at least $20,000. This is a major disadvantage for people who are looking to purchase a new inexpensive car. If you feel that buying a new Subaru is a great option for you, you can View Subarus for sale in Denver here. If you need help finding the right car or if you prefer to look at vehicles in person, you should visit Shortline Subaru. They have both new and used Subaru’s available and are sure to have a car that you will be happy with. Plus, they have extended hours to accommodate your busy schedule.