Visit Sydney, Nova Scotia

Canada’s Atlantic coast is a dynamic, friendly and relaxing place to travel. Visitors from the United States can access several ports of call if they take a cruise from Boston or New York. Cruise Atlantic Canada serves the ports in the provinces of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland. The website provides details on where travelers can stay during their time in Nova Scotia. The hotel is near the center of the city of Sydney and offers a fitness center, swimming pool and full-service restaurant.

Tourist advisers consider Sydney to be one of the cities tourists mistakenly disregard. Steeped in Celtic and Gaelic tradition, the locals are welcoming to visitors. The top attractions include Fortress Louisborg, the Bras d’Or Lakes and the Cabot Trail. Fortress Louisborg takes visitors back to what life was like in the year 1744. Tourists of all ages can witness how the past influences the present life in the province. For those who like to sail on expansive bodies of water and observe wildlife, a day on the Bras d’Or Lakes is sublime. Quieter sightseeing and inspiring views await along the Cabot Trail. The views consist of mountains, ocean and the sky. A few native villages exist along the trail, giving tourists the opportunity to explore Scottish culture in action.

Several additional museums and historical sites exist in Sydney. These include the Alexander Graham Bell site, the world’s largest fiddle and military museums. Sydney is an ideal place for a family vacation or for individuals interested in exploring Scottish culture. Some of the best times to visit are during the fall and spring, although cruises are available through mid-November.

Although Sydney may not be the most popular tourist destination, it has much to offer for those seeking educational and off-the-beaten path fun. Residents from all over the United States should consider taking a cruise to Nova Scotia, even if they do not live on the East Coast. Educators who organize extended school field trips should consider taking classes to Sydney for its historical value. Sydney also gives travelers access to Cape Brenton Island, which traveler magazines rank as the top global island destination.