Learning The “Secrets” of Cars

Car Configurators as Marketing Tools

In the years before the nineties, people who research on cars they wish to buy had no other way of doing so except to go to a car dealership and walk around a lot to get ideas of what would be the nice features to look for in one. Of course, the car dealers will give you the usual pitch of buying-today-makes-it-cheaper stuff. This was how they did it during the dark ages of automobile marketing. You came and left without a cup of coffee. A business card with a brochure is all you get from the dealership.

At present, researching on the car type and features that you want no longer needs a visit to the car dealership. You can now do all your research in the convenience of your home or office through car configurators on car manufacturer’s websites. Car dealerships now can tell if they can get a sale from visits from people who have been to their website and have used their car configurator.

Automobile manufacturers are using the car configurator as their marketing tool. This has also become an important element in the digital campaign and social media asset of the different popular car brands. Now using Facebook functions, your friends can access the car configuration that you have made for your dream car.

An average of more than 3 million hits or more a month is what most popular brands get. And it is seen to have the same results for popular car brands with car configurators in the website. Most website visitors use the car configuration process.

After you have configured the car features that you want, you can forward you configuration to that particular car brand dealer so that you can get a quote. And this is their secret to their sales. It has been statistically shown that a fourth of those who forward their configuration and get quotes, do actually end up buying a car.

What one known car brand’s car configurator use is for fusing different components and for leveraging data. They believe that car buying is a very personal thing. When people start buying a car, they are rational but along the process, they become emotional about the whole thing. So the confiugrator was built so that sight, sound, and motion is brought together for a great customer experience.

Some of the well known companies have sold thousands of cars and SUV’s, thanks to the car configurator.

All car configurators, whatever manufacturer or brand it carries, has the same goal and that is to lead the dreamer to the dealer. But, at the end of the day, a visit to the dealership is still the best way to check out your options; a physical configurator.

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