Why Buying a Pre-Owned Engine Makes Sense

When the engine in an otherwise excellent car or truck fails, there is an alternative to buying a new vehicle. Assuming that the transmission and the rest of the vehicle is in great shape, replacing the engine is a cost efficient solution. In fact, choosing to purchase a pre-owned engine can provide benefits that are hard to get any other way. Here are some examples.

The Cost is Lower

New and rebuilt engines are certainly worth consideration, but the expense can be prohibitive for some buyers. When the cost of pulling the old engine and installing the replacement is factored into the overall price, the buyer may find that using one of these options is just not practical. By contrast, investing in a well maintained used engine will be a much better solution.

Assuming that the engine has been maintained properly over the years, there’s an excellent chance that it will continue to provide reliable service for several more years. Best of all, those used engines are often available for half the cost of a brand new one. Even when compared to the cost of a rebuilt engine, the used one will still save a tidy sum in the short term.

They Do Come With Limited Warranties

Buying a used engine from the right type of provider is important. The best case scenario is to only deal with a company that offers some type of warranty and guarantee with each engine they sell. Some consumers are surprised to learn that it is even possible to obtain a warranty on a used engine. The fact is that high quality dealers like www.preownedengines.com wouldn’t have it any other way.

Always check the terms of the warranty. While the customer should not expect the scope of coverage to be exactly the same as the warranties offered on brand new engines, the types of events and parts that are covered should include the more common types of issues that could develop within a certain period of time. Always ask if there is any change of receiving an extended warranty. If so, compare the terms between the basic and the extended plans. Doing so will make it easier to decide if paying a little more for the extended warranty is really worth the expense.