Why Drivers Are Choosing Tesla Motors in Oklahoma

Choosing a new car can be a complicated task. While there are a number of car manufacturers, one is gaining popularity at an unprecedented rate. More and more drivers are choosing the Tesla brand for a variety of reasons. While they are known for their energy technology, tesla motors in Oklahoma is redefining transportation by introducing the world to some of the most performance based electric cars on the market. Buying a car is a big investment, so it is a good idea to do some research on all of the cars that pique interest. Here are just a few of the many reasons to look in to Tesla vehicles, and reshape a daily commute.

High Performance

When most people think of a hybrid or full electric vehicle, they have visions of small cars with very minimal punch. Tesla is changing how the world thinks of energy efficient vehicles, and even has a model that can go from from zero to sixty in only 3.1 seconds. This makes it possible for drivers to have the best of both worlds. A vehicle that is fast, but also easy on fuel consumption.

Affordable Starting Price

The pictures of cars being released at Tesla keynote events caused most drivers to think that these glamorous looking vehicles would be expensive to own. The car manufacturer has removed that common misconception, as many of their models are competitive in price with most small to mid-size luxury vehicles. Owning a car that is stylish and economical to drive has never been easier with Tesla Motors coming onto the auto market.

Zero Emissions

The greatest benefit to owning a Tesla car is its zero emissions engine. Not only is this good for the planet, but most drivers find it is also good for their wallet. Join the ranks of smart drivers and see how driving an electric car can reduce fuel consumption and the overall emissions released during a commute. Tesla provides a driving experience that is good for the earth and good for the driver as well.

Make buying a car simple by choosing to purchase a Tesla Motors model. With the wide range of options available, any driver is sure to find a vehicle that will meet their needs. Stop by a Tesla Motors dealer today and test drive one. Electric cars are the future of transportation, and can help make any daily commute more fun and economical.