With Summer Coming, Protech Auto Glass Launches New Rock Chip Awareness Drive


KIRKLAND, Wash. — With summer coming and people throughout the area getting ready to drive more, Protech Auto Glass kicked off a new campaign aimed at increasing public awareness of the issues surrounding rock chips. As drivers in Kirkland and beyond head to outdoor events, the downtown waterfront, and other scenes of summertime fun this coming season, they will subject the windshields of their cars to damage from small rocks and other debris.

While some drivers think a small chip is nothing to worry about, the fact is that waiting to arrange for a windshield repair can result in much larger problems developing as a result, particularly with the temperature fluctuations typical of summer. By helping people throughout the area become aware of these issues and others, the new Protech Auto Glass initiative will save drivers money and make summertime safer and more enjoyable for all.

“Every summer, countless car windshields throughout the Seattle area suffer chips from flying rocks,” Protech Auto Glass representative Bobbie said, “Even when they seem small, having those chips repaired right away is always the best policy. A clean, fresh chip will be much easier to fix without replacing the whole windshield, something that becomes harder to do with every day that passes. More importantly, fixing a chip soon will make it much less likely that larger cracks will develop as temperature changes and other forces put more stress on a windshield.”

With over a quarter of a billion passenger vehicles roaming the nation’s roads today, windshield damage is a regular fact of life in the United States. While some especially dramatic events result immediately in large cracks that leave no option but a wholesale windshield replacement, far more common are the chips and minor cracks that appear when pebbles and small rocks, often kicked up by other cars or trucks, impact the glass.

As the new Protech Auto Glass public awareness campaign aims at showing, getting these chips fixed quickly is always the best policy, even when they seem relatively minor. Chips that are left unaddressed for too long will accumulate debris and surface deterioration that will make it much more difficult for repair resins to bond properly, potentially turning what could have been a flawless, invisible fix into an enduring eyesore.

While that alone is an excellent reason to seek out windshield chip repair quickly any time of the year, summertime heightens the stakes. Cool nights and especially warm days flex and stress the glass of windshields, with even small imperfections like rock chips often giving birth to large cracks as a result. What would originally have been a quick, inexpensive rock chip repair can thereby easily turn into a complete windshield replacement, with the costs and related inconveniences soaring as a result.

As one of the Seattle area’s leading repair and replacement companies, Protech Auto Glass will work in the coming days and months to help drivers throughout the region understand these important facts. With fast, affordable, effective mobile and on-site services, Protech Auto Glass is one of the area’s most highly rated companies of its kind.

About Protech Auto Glass:
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